YILMAZ SK 450 Automatic Feeding Aluminum Saw: Quality and Performance are now Affordable

19 October, 2020

The first Yilmaz SK 450 up-cut automatic feeding aluminum saw installed in Ontario is now running since few months in Hamilton. The customer was looking for an affordable solution without giving up on the quality, the Yilmaz SK 450 turned out to be the ideal solution for his production needs. 

An automatic saw has a big impact to the labour cost. “This machine needs quarter of an operator” says the customer. The operator needs to load the aluminum extrusions and start the cutting list. Then the machine will run autonomously until the required quantity is reached or the extrusion is finished. Pieces cut automatically are collected in a bin. Meantime the operator can do another job.

Automatic feeding saws are very accurate and eliminate the need of a measuring system. However the feeder usually has a short stroke such as 2 feet and needs repeated movements to achieve longer piece lengths. Therefore the automatic aluminum saws are ideal for cut lengths shorter then their feeder stroke.

The SK 450 is designed for automatic repetitious straight cutting of aluminum extrusions. The saw features two servo motors to feed the aluminum extruded profile and to feed the blade.

Servo blade feed feature enables the ability to adjust feed rate and cutting height via the touch screen display. The operator can also change the blade lubrication pulse interval from the controller.

Cutting lists are prepared either on the touch screen display or in Microsoft Excel and transferred to the machine with USB memory stick. Serial cutting mode allows the operator simply to enter the required length and quantity then start the process. Also single manual cuts are possible.

To guarantee the highest quality, the profile work table separates the cut part before the saw blade retracts to avoid back-cutting effect.

Watch the machine in action…

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