Sunview Patio Doors and THORWESTEN : Winning Synergy

19 October, 2020

After a careful analysis, Sunview Patio Doors (a division of Vision Group) has chosen Thorwesten Machinenbau as the best partner to boost its automation process. Sunview recently received their first Thorwesten line for the automatic cutting and CNC machining of their PVC patio doors.

With decades of experience in the window industry, Thorwesten is the only machinery manufacturer for vinyl window and patio doors that focuses exclusively on two products: CNC machining center (PBZ) and automated cutting centres (ASZ).

Thorwesten machines are the ideal solution for window manufacturers looking to maintain production flexibility, without giving up on the automation of the manufacturing process.

The CNC machining (PBZ) features a unique 3 axis rotary machining ring capable to perform operations such as drilling and milling at any angle around the PVC profile in one single pass. The machining ring carries 8 spindles each can access the profiles within 360°. The system can drill or mill through steel reinforcements and be also integrated by an optional dynamic screw driver unit that will run simultaneously with the other drilling/milling operations. As a result, the time of screwing operation is completely masked.

The PBZ is the ideal solution for the production of casement windows, patio doors, tilt and turn windows and manufacturers that focus in window renovations where sizes change frequently.

The PBZ working centre can be combined with the ASZ cutting centre in a U shape single line. This results in a compact manufacturing cell that can run with only one operator. This operator is utilized to load the PVC profiles at the beginning of the line, insert reinforcement bars (if necessary), apply barcodes and unload processed parts (cut, drilled and milled) into the carts.

Thorwesten, quality at the cutting edge.

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