Used Bomar AL 500 up-cut mitre saw

Semiautomatic circular saw designed to cut aluminium alloys, copper, and hard plastics extrusions. The machine is equipped with vertical pneumatic clamping devices for safe clamping of the material.

The up-cut circular blade is controlled hydro-pneumatic. The cutting speed is regulated with an over ow valve located on the main control panel. The machine is equipped with a rotary table which turns synchronously with the circular blade, allowing the material to be cut both-sided within the 60° range left and from 0° to 60° range right.

Manual turning of the table with the circular blade may be done easily directly from the operator’s post. The front part of the table holds an easy-to-read control angular scale.The table board is equipped with rear adjustable support jaws. The saw may be easily connected to an exhaust device. The machine is equipped with misting device. Blade ∅ 500mm (19.7”). Motor power 4.2 kW. Power supply 230V.

(Description taken from manufacturers web site and subject to verification)