The Pressta-Eisele “GS 550” is a single head up-cut saw designed to cut heavy duty aluminum extrusions at 90°. Featuring a 7.5 kW motor, this saw is ideal for industrial applications with heavy hollow or solid aluminum extrusions. “GS 550” features a sturdy structure, adjustable saw blade stroke, speed and clamp pressures. German engineering at its best.
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The Pressta-Eisele “GS 550” is an up-cut saw ideal for applications such as curtain walls, commercial windows, storefronts, railings as well as industrial aluminum profile cutting. The “GS 550” features a 7.5Kw motor, thus it is ideal to cut thick extrusions.

An hydro-pneumatic cylinder ensures the precise raise of the blade. Four pneumatic cylinders (two vertical and two horizontal) hold the extrusion firm in place for the maximum precision of the cut. Four independent pressure regulators allow the independent adjustment of each clamp.


To perform the cut with the “GS 550” up-cut saw, the operator must hold simultaneously two pushbuttons with both hands. As soon as the cut is performed and one button is released, the blade descends below the table level.


Interlock safety switches are part of the standard safety features as well as the top hood that provides full protection to the operator.


  • blade ∅ 550mm (21½”)
  • Max cutting width: 350mm (13¾”)
  • cutting fluid reservoir with empty level indicator signal
  • manual lifting of the protection hood
  • front access of the blade compartment
  • two outlets for dust collector connection (one in the rear bottom and one in the rear of the protection hood)
  • adjustable feet to level the machine
  • noise reduction cover inside the machine

  • Burr free high-speed sawing
  • Large cutting capacity
  • Cutting height up to 190 mm
  • Cutting width up to 350 mm
  • Hydro-pneumatic blade feed
  • Infinitely adjustable saw blade feed speed
  • Two-hand controlled safe operation
  • Manually lifting of the protection hood
  • Top and bottom dust and chips suction ports
  • Blade compartment is easily accessible from the front of the saw

  • Motor: 7,5 kW (3HP), 400V, 50Hz (transformer to be added)
  • Blade speed: 2850RPM
  • Blade diameter: 550mm (21.6")
  • Operating air pressure: 6-8 Bar (87-116 psi)
  • Two chips suction ports ∅ 100mm (4")
  • Working height 970mm (38.2")
  • Weight: 385 Kg (849 lbs)

  • 1 x Saw blade Ø 550mm (21.6")
  • 2 x Pneumatic vertical clamps
  • 2 x Pneumatic horizontal clamps
  • 1 x Spray mist blade lubrication system (Venturi)
  • 4 Manometers to adjust clamping pressure
  • Noise reduction cover




  • Spare Ø 550mm (21.6") saw blade
  • 20 litres (5.3 gal) pail of cutting fluid
  • Automatic opening/closing of the safety cover
  • Custom made clamp fixtures
  • Open signal to activate the dust collector at the start up of the saw