Two Point PVC Welder | YILMAZ DK 502

This dual head machine is designed for welding two corners of a PVC frame at the same time with 90° welding angle. Left head can also be used as a single head welder and it can weld at any angle within 30°-180°. Left head is fixed and right head is movable manually. Mobile head is equipped with a pneumatic bake that is released by a button on the drag handle when needs to be moved.

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  • Simultaneous two corner welding of PVC window profiles at 90°
  • Capability of welding profiles between 30°-180° angle on the fixed head
  • All parameters such as melting and welding time, welding pressure are set independently
  • Repeatability of welding quality thanks to the rigid structure and profiled linear rails
  • Quick Teflon change system saves time.
  • Capable of adjusting the clamp and welding pressure according to the profile type
  • Adjustable welding temperature between 0-300°C via electronic temperature controller
  • Easy adjustment of welding seem between 2 mm - 0.2 mm
  • Mobile right unit moves manually and left welding unit is fixed at 90°
  • After clamping the profiles, the welding is carried out automatically
  • The moveable right welding unit is equipped with a brake system
  • Max profile H x W: 130 x 140 mm
  • Equipped with two lateral support arms
  • 3kW, 230V, 60Hz single phase