THORWESTEN MPZ Vinyl Window Fabrication Center

The Thorwesten MPZ is a “U” shaped working cell combined by the PBZ rotary ring type, through feed CNC machining centre and the ASZ cutting centre. The MPZ is designed to be ran by only one operator providing the best cost/efficiency.

The line is composed by an in-feed table where the vinyl lineals are loaded, the ASZ cutting unit, a cross transfer conveyor to apply the bar codes, the PBZ CNC rotary ring turret and an unloading table where the finished parts will be transferred before being moved in a cart or directly in the four point welder.

The PBZ working centre is equipped with 8 milling units mounted on the rotary ring that can turn from 0° to 360° to perform all kinds of machining operations on the PVC profiles including drilling through steel reinforcements.
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  • Rotating ring with 8 milling aggregates each frequency converter controlled for variable RPM
  • Capable of all kind of machining for PVC window and doors manufacturing
  • No need of using jigs, counter-blocks or any positioning aids
  • Automatic infeed and outfeed buffer and CNC controlled material feeder
  • Programmable griper position of material feeder allows any profile to be machined without change-over
  • Integrated dynamic screwing station for reinforcement bar
  • Identification of profiles with bar code scanner
  • Can be integrated with any third party window software
  • 3D detail visualization of profile and machining operations
  • 3D simulation with zoom in/out function
  • Customer specific profile machining processes, new profiles or complete profile systems on demand are programmed by Thorwesten application engineers and transferred directly into the machine by means of remote maintenance software
  • Easy access for tool change and quick tool calibration
  • Easy maintenance and world-wide accessible universal machine components
  • Outstanding accuracy and service life
  • Depending of the complexity of the machining, 80-150 window units per shift capacity
  • Available in both ‘right to left’ and ‘left to right’ work flow layout
  • Small footprint and possibility to be linked with Thorwesten ASZ cutting center in various layouts