PVC Profile Cutting Center | THORWESTEN ASZ

Through feed CNC cutting center for PVC window and door profiles with infeed and outfeed buffers. Machine is modular so that can be combined with Thorwesten PBZ machining center or can be used as a stand alone cutting center.
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  • Automatic infeed and outfeed buffer and CNC controlled material feeder
  • Dynamically controlled clamping system ensures maximum hold-down at every angle
  • Saw blade diameter: Ø500mm
  • 2.2 kW, 3 phase, 2800 rpm saw blade motor
  • Cutting head is automatically adjusted at any angle between 22.5º and 157.5º via a servo drive
  • Minimum cutting length: 200mm. Maximum cutting length is unlimited
  • Conveniently accessible saw blade compartment allows quick blade change and easy servicing
  • Programmable griper position of material feeder allows any profile to be fed through without manual adjustments
  • ASZ can be integrated with a third-party window software. Cutting data generated by the third-party software is transferred to the machine through network or USB memory stick. Alternatively, the cutting lists can be entered on the 15” touch screen display
  • World-wide available universal machine components
  • Conveyor for removal of waste pieces
  • Optimizing software ensures maximum yield. Off-cuts are recorded and labelled for later use.
  • Integrated Ø160mm suction port for dust extraction system
  • Outstanding accuracy and service life
  • Available in both ‘right to left’ and ‘left to right’ work flow layout
  • Small footprint and possibility to be linked with Thorwesten PBZ machining center