Manual notching saw with sliding table for cutting end notches on aluminum profiles used in windows, doors, curtain walls and other industries. Machine has two stationary saw blades: one adjustable angle vertical blade and one horizontal blade fixed at 90°. Profile is placed up against an adjustable angle back fence then fixed by horizontal and vertical clamps on the sliding table. Once profile is fixed, the operator slides the table with the extrusion towards the saw blades to perform the notching operation. 

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  • Manual operation by means of sliding table
  • Notching height is manually adjusted by changing position of sliding table vertically with hand wheel
  • Notching depth is manually adjusted by changing position of sawing unit in/out with hand wheel
  • Material depth stop is adjustable for any angle
  • Capable of compound angle cuts by changing angle of back fence and vertical blade

  • 2 x ∅ 400mm (15¾") saw blades
  • Voltage : 400V, 50/60Hz , 3 phase - 600V to 400V transformer is included
  • Maximum 135 x 135mm notching capacity
  • Vertical saw blade is tilted manually by hand wheel within 70°- 90°- 30°
  • Profile back fence is adjustable at any angle within 90°- 30° referring to angle scale

  • 2 x Saw blade Ø 400mm (15¾")
  • 1 Pneumatic horizontal clamp
  • 1 Pneumatic vertical clamp
  • Spray mist cooling system with two nozzle

  • Spare Ø 400mm (15¾") saw blades
  • 20 litres (5.3 gal) pail of cutting fluid
  • Roller conveyor to support long profiles