Notching Saw | PRESSTA-EISELE 650E

Automatic industrial variable angle notching saw for cutting end notches on aluminum profiles for curtain walls and other industrial applications. 

Equipped with two saw blades (horizontal and vertical) both adjustable in wide range angles. Work piece is placed up against an adjustable angle back fence, fixed on the work table by horizontal and vertical clamps. The workpiece remains stationary during the notching process while the saw carriage travels horizontally towards the workpiece to execute an accurate cut.

Besides the rectangular notches, it has the capability of wide range of compound angle end cuts (variable angle notches) by adjusting back fence angle, horizontal and vertical blade angles for mullion and transom combinations for complex curtain walls, winter garden, sky lights and special designs

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  • Automatic, precise and safe notching operation
  • Notch variation: rectangular, one plane miter, two plane miter and three plane miter
  • 4 axis NC control for:
    • Notching height
    • Material depth stop
    • Vertical blade tilting
    • Horizontal and vertical blade together tilting
  • Profile depth stop motorized adjustment through operator interface
  • Fully covered sawing unit and 2-hand control unit ensure a safe operation

  • Max. profile dimensions that can be processed: 280 x 320 (HxW)
  • Notching capacity (blades at 90°) : horizontal up to 210 mm, vertical up to 262 mm
  • Motorized adjustment of notch height: 0-262mm.
  • Motorized adjustment of vertical blade tilt: 90°/ - 60° /+ 30° ( front/back)
  • Motorized adjustment of horizontal+vertical blade tilt: 90°/+45°/-45°
  • Manual pivoting range of material back-fence: 30°/90°/-45°, by referring to a scale
  • Hydro-pneumatic variable speed blade feed with 800mm stroke

  • 1 Horizontal saw blade Ø 550mm (21.6")
  • 1 Vertical saw blade Ø 650mm (25.6")
  • 3 digital display sets for positioning of horizontal and vertical cutting unit
  • Length stop with manual adjustment on mechanical scale
  • Pneumatic horizontal clamp
  • Pneumatic vertical clamp
  • Spray mist cooling system with one nozzle for each blade
  • Fully covered sawing unit and 2-hand control unit ensure a safe operation

  • Digital read out for easy adjustment of the back fence