Multi Profile End Miller | YILMAZ MEM 128

Yilmaz MEM 128 is designed for end milling or notching multiple PVC and Aluminum profiles at a time.

Profiles are placed in separate slots and clamped by dedicated vertical clamps and a common horizontal clamp on the left side of the table. Cutter head is fed by an electric motor and belt system along the stroke with a consistent and adjustable feed speed. Separator blocks and horizontal clamp are slidable on two guide channels for width adjustment and suitable to mount fixtures on them. Also vertical clamps are adjustable according to the width of the profiles.

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  • Motorized cutter feed
  • Adjustable feed speed via potentiometer knob on the control panel
  • Inverter controlled cutter motor allows the cutter rpm to be adjusted properly according to the material being processed (PVC or Aluminum) and the size of the cutter set used.
  • High quality end milling operations thanks to the adjustable feed speed and cutter rpm
  • Possibility to mill a single profile well as multiple profiles up to 6
  • Quick change of cutter head
  • Fixing the workpiece firm and square by means of the vertical clamps, adjustable separation blocks and horizontal clamp
  • Adjustable clamping pressure
  • Safe operation thanks to the safety guard ensured by an interlock switch
  • Cutter storage cabinets in front of the machine
  • Robust machine structure and support arms in front of machine allow milling profiles up to 2.5m (8’)
  • Easy cutter adjustment by means of the spacers
  • CSA approved

  • 12 x Pneumatic vertical clamps with adjustable pressure valve
  • 6 x Adjustable separation blocks
  • Spray mist tool cooling system
  • Air Gun

• Milling cutter set

  • Motor: 1.5 kW (2Hp), 400V, 3Phase, 50/60Hz
  • Max End milling profile height (H): 210mm (8.27”)
  • Max End milling stroke (W): 615mm (24.21”)
  • Max Saw blade diameter: 185mm (7.3”)
  • Shaft diameter / blade hub: 30mm (1.18”)
  • Max Tool height: 150mm (5.9”)