MECAL MC304 KOSMOS CNC Profile Machining Center

Floor type vertical spindle CNC machining centre designed to work on extruded aluminum, light alloy, PVC and light steel materials.

The Mecal Kosmos can be configured with 3 or 4 CNC axis.

The 3 axis version has a fixed beam where the clamps are mounted, CNC unit of the machine performs milling operations through linear and circular interpolation (compound movements) on 3 axes (X-Y-Z)

The 4 axis version has a rotating beam where the clamps are mounted (Axis A), that allows the rotation on any angle within ±125° around X-axis. This allows processing on any surface within ± 125° without aggregates.

Spindle can work on 3 faces with standard tools and work on both ends with disc cutter (end-milling operations).

Both the 3 and 4 axes versions can be equipped with head driven (DPM) or self motorized (MMI) clamps.

The machine is equipped with a 6 kW, 18000 rpm electro-spindle with ISO 30 tool holder system and a 10 tools capacity magazine as standard. 

The machine can be programmed using Mecal’s geometrical assisted CAM software as well as standard ISO codes.

  • Vertical spindle CNC machining centre
  • Axes drive system is consisting of a servo controller and a brushless DC servomotor. Position is tracked by an incremental encoder integrated in the drive motor
  • Work pieces clamps are mounted on a servo controlled rotating beam
  • Work piece clamps slide on precision linear guide rails
  • Working area can be divided in two zones
  • By using the disc cutter, it is possible to carry out end-milling operations on both the ends of the work piece
  • Milling operations are performed with linear and circular interpolation of the X-Y-Z axes
  • Pneumatically operated flipping reference stops
  • Automatic and fast tool changing by using a tool magazine located in the middle of the machine in an embedded compartment. It can store 10 tools for milling, threading, end-milling as well as angle aggregates. Additional tool holders available as optionals.
  • Tool cooling via Minimum Quantity Lubrication
  • All slide ways and ball screws are lubricated through an automatic central lubrication system
  • Frontal safety door with increased visibility of the machining area
  • Pre-arranged for chip collector trays

  • Max working length: 4013mm (158")
  • Oversized machining capability up to twice the max. work-piece length capacity: 8,026mm (316")
  • Spindle power: 6kW
  • Spindle rotation speed variably up to 18000 rpm
  • Tool clamping system is ISO30
  • 10 positions tool magazine
  • Standard clamp width: 250mm (9.8")
  • Optional clamp width: 300mm (11.8")
  • Number of clamps in the standard configuration: 4
  • Beam rotation axis that allows the work-piece to be rotated within 250° (±125°) around X-axis
  • Electronic NC interface with a PC running on Windows 10 OS

  • Electrospindle air cooled, ISO30, 18000 rpm, 6 kW
  • Tool magazine with 10 tools capacity
  • 4 x Pneumatic clamps
  • 2 x flipping stops, pneumatically operated
  • Drawers for chips collection
  • Startup tool kit
  • Electronic NC interface with a PC running on Windows 10 OS.
  • CAD CAM 3D Graphic software

  • Automatic Positioning Clamps (MMI). Each clamp bar is equipped with a brushless DC motor-reducer assembly. Therefore, each clamp bar becomes an independent axis controlled by CNC unit. The program will display the locations for the clamps. With the confirmation of the operator, clamps are positioned simultaneously.
  • Extra clamps (DPM or MMI)
  • Extra tool magazine for aggregate tools
  • Probe for the automatic detection of the tool length
  • Bar code reader
  • Increase of the clamps to 300mm (11.8") useful
  • Electrospindle 8,5 Kw
  • Electrospindle 8.5 Kw with Encoder
  • CAM 3D Machining simulator
  • Drawer set for the chips and scrap pieces collection
  • Belt conveyor for chips and scrap pieces removal
  • Interface drive for third party window making software
  • CADLink 3D Driver to import STEP or IGES files
  • Horizontal 2 spindle aggregate
  • Saw blade aggregate Ø 120 – 215 mm (∅ 4¾" - 8.46")