MECAL MC 307 FALCON 4 Axis CNC Profile Machining Center

Vertical spindle 4 axis (X, Y, Z, A) CNC machining centre designed to work on extruded aluminum, light alloy, PVC and light steel materials.

The machine is equipped with a 8.5 kW, 24000 rpm electro-spindle with HSK F-63 tool holder system and an 10 tools capacity tool magazine.

CNC unit of the machine performs milling operations through linear and circular interpolation (compound movements) on 3 axes (X-Y-Z). A is the clamping beams rotation that allows the work-piece to be rotated within 250° (±125°) around X-axis. This enables machining on any surface generated by rotation of the work-piece with standard tools. 

The machine can be programmed using Mecal’s geometrical assisted CAM software as well as standard ISO codes. 

Note: This machine is equipped with MMI automatic motorized clamp positioning system where each clamp features and independent motor and moves accordingly to the defined positions in the program. 

  • Vertical spindle CNC machining centre
  • Automatic Positioning Clamps (MMI): each clamp bar is equipped with a brushless DC motor-reducer assembly. The program will display the locations for the clamps that can be modified by the operator. With the confirmation of the operator, clamps are positioned simultaneously
  • Automatic Clamps Relocation (MAM): the MAM module allows the clamps to relocate automatically in order to allow machining operations where the clamps were previously positioned.
  • Axes drive system is consisting of a servo controller and a brushless DC servomotor. Position is tracked by an incremental encoder integrated in the drive motor
  • Work pieces clamps are mounted on a servo controlled rotating beam
  • Work piece clamps slide on precision linear guide rails
  • Working area can be divided in two zones
  • By using the disc cutter, it is possible to carry out end-milling operations on both the ends of the work piece
  • Milling operations are performed with linear and circular interpolation of the X-Y-Z axes
  • Pneumatically operated flipping reference stops
  • Automatic and fast tool changing by using a tool magazine located in the middle of the machine in an embedded compartment. It can store 10 tools for milling, threading, end-milling as well as angle aggregates. Additional tool holders available as optionals.
  • Tool cooling via Minimum Quantity Lubrication
  • All slide ways and ball screws are lubricated through an automatic central lubrication system
  • Frontal safety door with increased visibility of the machining area
  • Pre-arranged for chip collector trays

  • Max working length: 4013mm (158")
  • Oversized machining capability up to twice the max. work-piece length capacity: 8,026mm (316")
  • Spindle power: 8.5kW
  • Spindle rotation speed variably up to 24000 rpm
  • Tool clamping system is HSK F-63
  • X rapid speed travelling at 150 m/min (492 ft/min)
  • 10 positions tool magazine
  • Standard clamp width: 250mm (9.8")
  • Optional clamp width: 300mm (11.8")
  • Number of clamps in the standard configuration: 4
  • Beam rotation axis that allows the work-piece to be rotated within 250° (±125°) around X-axis
  • Electronic NC interface with a PC running on Windows 10 OS

  • Electrospindle air cooled, HSK F-63, 24000 rpm, 8.5kW
  • Tool magazine with 10 tools capacity
  • 4 x Pneumatic clamps
  • 2 x flipping stops, pneumatically operated
  • Drawers for chips collection
  • Startup tool kit
  • Electronic NC interface with a PC running on Windows 10 OS.
  • CAD CAM 3D Graphic software

  • Extra clamps MMI
  • Extra tool magazine for aggregate tools
  • Probe for the automatic detection of the tool length
  • Bar code reader
  • Increase of the clamps to 300mm (11.8") useful
  • Electrospindle 8.5 Kw with Encoder
  • CAM 3D Machining simulator
  • Drawer set for the chips and scrap pieces collection
  • Belt conveyor for chips and scrap pieces removal
  • Interface drive for third party window making software
  • CADLink 3D Driver to import STEP or IGES files
  • Horizontal 2 spindle aggregate
  • Saw blade aggregate Ø 120 – 215 mm (∅ 4¾" - 8.46")