Automatic Length Stop | RAZORGAGE ST – ANDROID

RazorGage ST is a programmable servo controlled positioner. It can be used both as a stop gage or pusher. Equipped with a 7” Android tablet. Its entry level interface, features intuitive operation, fraction keys, and infinite preset hot keys. Supports bar code operation and remote serial commands.

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  • Superior accuracy and repeatability through “near 0 backlash” transmission and motion system design
  • Double pre-loaded precision linear bearings and profiled linear guide for stop motion system
  • Planetary gear drive train for “near 0” backlash power transmission from motor to drive pulley
  • 2” diameter drive pulley is re-machined to match timing belt teeth profile exactly. This contributes “near 0 backlash” drive system.
  • Larger pulley size reduces the chance of belt stretching
  • Crash detection system stops motor immediately incase of crash to protect belt and components
  • 5 years warranty on drive belt
  • 7” Touch Screen
  • Built in WiFi


  • Entry level Android based software
  • Bold and intuitive user interface.
  • Works both in INCH and MM
  • Incremental or absolute movements
  • “Fraction Keys” minimize keystrokes reducing human error.
  • Infinite preset keys (Hot Keys)
  • The Preset Grid Scaling Slide Bar
  • Unload button to move the stop predefined loading position
  • Step by step guided calibration mode

  • Accuracy: ±0.004” over 12 feet if calibrated with a capable measuring device.
  • Repeatability: 0.0015”
  • Push Force: 200 lb at 10 ips
  • Max Speed: 40 ips
  • Power supply: 120 VAC / 10 Amps
  • Interface: 7” Touchscreen
  • Networking: Wifi
  • Operating System: Android
  • Max Ambient Temp: 104 °F
  • Available lengths 4~60’ with 2’ increments

  • Gage side table
  • Opposite side table
  • Label printer
  • Gang stop
  • Miter stop
  • Steel Fence Facing
  • Gripper
  • Heavy duty gripper