The HSC Milling Machine PLATINUM X3 is a CNC processing centre on a steel and polished granite base, whereby a new type of material-sandwich method is used for moving parts. High stiffness, weight savings and quiet running make this system a unique, precise and economical CNC Milling Machine.

The X3 cnc milling machine, is the 3-axis version of the PLATINUM CNC milling machine model range and it is available in various sizes. During development, added focus was placed on application possibilities in industrial areas.

This system can be individually aligned with customer wishes thanks to the variable configuration of its workpiece clamping systems. Milling spindles with various power and speed ranges can be used. The automated processing of complex parts is possible in conjunction with the multi tool changer.

  • Machine table from polished granite
  • Steel subframe
  • Individual tool clamping systems on 150 mm hole matrix with M8 threaded bushes
  • Chip collecting pan with drawer
  • Bellows or lamella blades in all axes
  • Milling spindles up to 3.8 kW / 24,000 rpm or high frequency spindles up to 80,000 rpm HSK-E 32 / HSK-E 25 / SK 20 / SK 30
  • 20-times tool changer outside the working area / tool length sensor
  • Modern HSC controller, B&R® or Heidenhain®
  • Servo motors or linear motors
  • Control panel with touchscreen, function keys, keyboard and hand-held operating unit or Heidenhain® control panel
  • Control and power electronics fully integrated in the machine

  • Edge measuring switch
  • Minimum quantity cooling lubrication system
  • Suction unit
  • Vacuum clamping technology
  • 4th axis as rotating axis
  • Professional CAD/CAM solutions

  • Panel processing
  • Aluminium processing
  • 3D-processing
  • Model and mould construction
  • Housing production
  • Rapid prototyping

  • Steel
  • Various non-ferrous metals upon request
  • Composites
  • PCB material
  • Plastics
  • Aluminium
  • Ureol
  • Ceramic
  • Graphite