HSK-63F TOOL HOLDER (test product)

• HSK63F tool holders are supplied with collet nut
• Balanced to 24000 RPM
• Threaded nut DIN 6499 (ER25 – ER32 – ER40)
• Threaded nut DIN 6388 (EOC25/SYOZ25/RDO35/442E)
• For the spring collets see our item T119 – T123 – T124 -T125; for collet nuts see our item Z091, for standard wrenches see our item Z052 and torque wrenches Z052 .
• To be used on our adjustable demount device T139
• These tool holders ensure a maximum error of concentricity between the conical part and the tool’s seat of 0.003mm (Runout: 0.0001″)
• The “A” measure may be subject to variations depending on the diameter of the tool and collet being used.
• The hollow taper shank is produced according to DIN69893