HOCKER BRICKSTAR MD Metal Swarf Briquette (Puck) Maker

Compressing machine for aluminum and copper chips (also called: puck maker / briquette maker)

In metal processing large amounts of waste products such as grinding sludge and metal swarf or shavings occur. Their value is not recognized or remains unused. Usually due to the high content of cooling lubricants they have to be disposed of at very high cost or achieve only low scrap revenue. However these wastes could optimized by using a high performance briquetting machine from HÖCKER POLYTECHNIK.

Whether it concerns the processing of short, loose metal swarf from mechanical machining of non-ferrous metal such as aluminium, copper or magnesium, the briquetting machine BrickStar MD is the ideal solution.

  • The BrickStar MD compacts the material with two compacting cylinders. Two horizontal main press cylinders with rams diameter ranging from 50 mm to 90 mm compact the material simultaneously from both ends to form the pucks (briquettes).
  • This intelligent technique makes sure that the compaction is much higher and the pucks contain less residual coolant and have a higher density. The cooling lubricants at this point can be recycled.
  • Wear is quite low as the counter-pressure is created by the second main cylinder and not by friction.
  • The pressing cylinder exerts a pressure on both faces of the material of up to 400MPa.
  • The pucks have an average length of 60 - 100mm and a weight of up to 2.5kg.
  • The standard PLC-control offers the possibility to variably adjust the pressure to gain the required density of the pucks without problems.
  • This technique guarantees the high and constant compacting of the material.
  • The machine operates with the most modern control technique and well-engineered drive and hydraulic components suitable for continuous and multi shift operation.
  • Feeding can be customized by a multi-screw hopper, screw conveyor or conveying belts.