Gasket and Brush Insertion Machines | MULLER

Muller TB Technologies AG manufactures gasket insertion machines and brush insertion machines with various level of automation both in standalone and line integrated format. Muller’s brush and gasket assembly systems increase process speed by up to 400%.



Semi-automatic and fully automatic systems are available.

The semi-automatic system pushes brushes or seals into profiles. Threading and trimming are done manually. The machine has a small footprint. The system has a capacity of up to 50 profiles/hour with one operator. Application of protective film can be accomplished simultaneously upon request.

In the fully automatic system, brushes are automatically inserted, cut off and fixed into the profile. The system is able to process up to 100 profiles/hour with one operator. Simultaneous protective film application can be integrated in the system as an option.


1. The profiles are placed on the infeed conveyor manually

2. When a profile reaches the insertion station, a brush is automatically started into the lower groove of the profile.

3. A gripping unit then grabs the brush and pulls it completely through the profile. When the insertion is completed, the brush is automatically cut off. The length of the brush is measured as it is being drawn in. This ensures that the brush is drawn in over the entire length of the profile.

4. The conveyor belt advances by one profile unit and the upper brush is drawn in by a second inserting station. The two stations independently work at the same time.

5. When both brushes are installed, the profile is transported to the rolling station. The profile is pushed through the rolling station by means of a pusher. A protective film can be simultaneously applied to the bottom and top of the profile as an option.


Gaskets are automatically inserted into the channel of aluminum extrusion. Depending on the geometry and material, different gasket insertion techniques must be employed. Muller has already developed and built a range of gasket insertion machines for different materials in the market.

Automated gasket insertion machines are available as standalone or integrated systems.