Double Miter Saw | YILMAZ DC 550 SK

The Yilmaz DC 550 SK is a fully automatic sawing machine designed for straight or miter cutting operations of aluminum and PVC profiles by means of two independent sawing units equipped with Ø 550mm saw blades. Rotation of the two heads are performed by servo motors thus the intermediate angles can be automatically adjusted.
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  • Servo miter angle adjustment
  • Tilting range inwards 45° and outwards 22.5°
  • Hydro-pneumatic saw feed
  • Cutting accuracy +/- 0.2 mm
  • 2 Intermediate pneumatic profile supports
  • Windows based industrial PC and 15’’ LCD touch screen color monitor
  • Transfer cutting list in ‘mdb’ format via USB or network
  • Remote connection via internet
  • Barcode printer & image print
  • Automatic bar feeding mode
  • The angle setting of the cutting heads is ensured with servo control system
  • The position setting of the moving heads are ensured with servo control system

  • Saw blades 2 X Ø 550 mm
  • Mobile roller conveyor & 2 x pneumatic profile supports
  • Spray saw blade lubrication system
  • Barcode printer
  • 4 X horizontal clamps
  • 2 X vertical clamps
  • Air gun

  • Profile height measuring systems (SKH model)
  • 5m (16.4') and 6m (19.7') dual head cutting capacity
  • Short cut system (DKN 60 with digital unit)
  • Automatic profile height measurement system
  • Chip collector unit
  • Motorized chip conveyor
  • Arrow cut system for mullion profiles (DKN 80)

Yilmaz DC 550 double miter saw cutting diagram