Corner Crimper | YILMAZ KP 120

The Yilmaz KP 120 is a hydraulic corner crimping machine for assembling aluminum frames.

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  • Hydraulic crimping system
  • Intuitive knife adjustment according to the shape and height of the profiles
  • Robust steel construction
  • Millimetric scale for cylinder position and profile stop adjustment
  • Foot pedal operated profile clamping and crimping process
  • Powerful hydraulic pump with 2 x 5 tons capacity
  • Polyamide table plates to prevent scratches on the profile surface
  • Positioning crimping cylinders closer to the workpiece by means of the switch control system in order to shorten the cycle time
  • Maximum profile height that can be crimped: 130 mm. Additional accessories for the crimping aluminum profiles up to 180 mm height is optional

  • 1x3 mm, 1x5 mm and 1x7 mm crimping knives
  • 2x pneumatic vertical clamp
  • 2x profile support arms
  • 2x allan key (4 and 5 mm)

  • Special machine capable of pressing up to 180 mm profile height
  • Special crimping knives
  • Top guard