Corner Crimper | PRESSTA 7000

Corner crimping machine for aluminum profiles with maximum height of 250 mm.

Pressta-Eisele corner crimpers guarantee perfect miter joints for aluminum windows, doors and facades. With its outstanding flexibility and patented split head feature, a Pressta crimper is capable to replace multiple crimpers. Every machine features 30+ years experience of the inventor of crimping. Pressta can also provide application support with its extensive knowledge in crimping process including corner cleat design.
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  • Maximum 205 mm profile and 180mm crimping height
  • Max profile width 100 mm + 55 mm web
  • Min. frame inside dimension: 195 mm
  • Use of 3 punching knives on each crimping unit
  • Two universal and adjustable punching units allow a work range of the crimping point from 25 to 60 mm from the vertex of the profile
  • Pneumatic crimping via lever mechanism ensures synchronous movement of the punching units
  • Retractable hydro-pneumatic counter block
  • Self adjusting counter support to compensate profile off-set or tolerances
  • Two eccentric discs for proper positioning of the profiles
  • Adjustable height of the V-stop, crimping knives and V-blocks
  • V-blocks are adjustable up to 160 mm
  • Split punching heads to compensate profile off-set up to 40 mm

  • 4 pairs of standard crimping knives (3, 5 and 7 mm)
  • 2 V-blocks (15 and 30 mm)
  • 2 Spport arms
  • 2 Pneumatic clamps