Automatic Welding and Cleaning Line | YILMAZ CCL 1660

CNC controlled four point corner welding and cleaning line for Vinyl windows. After welding process at DK 540, the frame goes to the Cooling Unit (SA 250) automatically. Then the Robot Unit (SA 260) automatically takes the frames from the Cooling Unit (SA 250) where the cleaning process starts and carries it by turning to the CNC 608 or 610 Cleaning Machine

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  • Manuel and automatic operating modes
  • Automatic sash and frame profile recognition system
  • Profile width and height measurement system
  • 11 cleaning tools
  • Separate cleaning knives for coloured and white profiles
  • Automatic lubrication system for bearings
  • Window based touch screen HMI
  • Profile program transfer via USB flash memory o Network
  • Remote connection and technical support capability
  • Movable control panel
  • Speed change during the process
  • 220 frames / 8 hours (608 CNC) and 270 frames / 8 hours (CNC 610) capacity
  • Troubleshooting function by displaying detailed warning and error messages
  • Electrical phase control system
  • Low air pressure control system
  • Ability of cleaning all four corners and end-of line transfer with automatic rotation robot
  • Automatic system allowing movement in three axis (X, Y, Z)
  • Automatic transition feature between 0.2 and 2 mm welding range, specific to Yılmaz machine
  • Automatic operation mode integrated with barcode reader or manual operation as per entered dimensions
  • Lame sash door welding
  • Capable of entering the welding parameters on the screen and storing them
  • Fast and easy teflon replacement feature
  • Ability of creating 1000 pieces of profile recipes
  • Monitoring of processing times during the operation
  • Easy placement of long size profiles on the welding unit
  • mm or inch operation system modes
  • Max square dimension that SA 260 machine can be rotated is 2000 x 2200 mm. The squares that are having larger dimensions are rotated manually during the welding operation