Automatic Saw | YILMAZ SK 400

Yilmaz SK 400 automatic saw is equipped with Ø400 mm saw blade. Ideal for production of shorter pieces in high quantities such as corner cleats used in aluminum window frame assembling. Also ideal for other industrial applications which require high volumes and precision.

The SK 400, equipped with a pneumatic feeding system, is designed for multiple automatic straight (90°) cutting of aluminum extrusions.  The operator can enter the number of cuts via LCD controller.

SK 400 can cut from 5mm (0.2”) to  280mm (11″) lengths in one stroke and no limits with step feeding.

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  • Automatic 90° strait cutting operations for extrusions made of non-ferrous material
  • Precise measurement with mechanical gauge equipped with digital LCD display
  • Air blowing nozzle to prevent aluminum burrs to build up in the cutting area
  • Horizontal and vertical clamping of the work-piece during the cutting operation
  • The machine shuts down automatically after reaching the requested quantity or profile finished
  • Adjustable spray saw blade lubrication system (MQL)
  • Operator safety guard
  • Chip extraction port
  • Highest quality, globally renown pneumatic, electrical and electronic components

  • Blade diameter: 400mm (15¾")
  • Blade hub diameter: 30mm (1.18")
  • Cutting length from 5mm (0.2”) to  280mm (11") in one stroke and no limits with step feeding
  • Clamping capacity (WxH): from 5x5mm (0.2"x0.2") to 200x120mm (7.9"x4¾")
  • Minimum remnant length: 85 mm (3.34")

  • Saw blade Ø 400mm  (15¾”)
  • SK 400 roller conveyor: 3m (10’)
  • 4x horizontal clamps
  • 1x vertical clamps
  • MQL saw blade cooling system
  • Air blower gun

  • Spare Ø 400mm (15¾") saw blade
  • 20 litres (5.3 gal) pail of cutting fluid
  • Aluminum dust & chips collector
  • SK 400 roller conveyor: 6m (19.6’)

Yilmaz SK 400 aluminum profile automatic saw cutting diagram