Automatic Saw with Drilling | PRESSTA-EISELE PROFILMA 501 BG

Pressta-Eisele Profilma 501 BG is a fully automatic circular saw combined with a vertical drilling unit. Designed for cutting and drilling aluminum profiles. It has an integrated servo bar feeder with 600mm stroke that is capable to cut max. 9900mm (32.1’ -with repetitive strokes) pieces automatically. Saw blade feed is performed by an hydro-pneumatic actuator and blade feed speed is adjustable. Machine can process single or two profiles simultaneously depending on the profile. Profile guides and clamping mechanisms are designed as per given drawings and criterion.
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  • Fully automatic cutting and drilling as per given drawings (exact dwg/dxf files required)
  • Hydro-pneumatic blade feed with infinitely adjustable feed speed
  • Linear motion system consisting of precision round guides and ball screw.
  • Two spindles drilling and tapping unit
  • Adjustable horizontal and vertical clamping pressure
  • Piece count indication with bundle multiplier and cycle time indication on the control display
  • Automatic stopping function when the profile finished
  • Cycle spray mist device, oil tank 2 Litres capacity with automatic stop if fluid ends
  • Noise reduction provided by noise absorbing mats mounted inside the machine
  • All necessary fixtures, profile guides and inserts are designed and manufactured by Pressta-Eisele for the entire range of profiles of customer to be ran on this machine
  • Fully enclosed operation with tunnel in-feed guard

  • Motor: 7,5 kW, S6, 400V, 50Hz, 2850 RPM
  • A transformer for 600V Canadian power is supplied with the machine
  • Ø 500mm (19.7") saw blade, up stroke cutting direction
  • Servo material feeder with 600mm (23.6") stroke, equipped with horizontal and vertical pneumatic clamps.
  • Max. cutting length up to 9.9m (32½') using repetitive strokes
  • Remaining piece length down to 75mm (3") depending on the profile
  • 2 x Ø100mm (4") suction port to connect chip extractor

  • Ø 500mm (19.7") saw blade
  • Vertical and horizontal pneumatic clamps both on the left and right side of the blade
  • 2 x Ø100mm suction port to connect chip extractor
  • Cycle spray mist device
  • Fully enclosed operation with tunnel in-feed safety guard

  • Spare Ø 500mm (19.7") saw blade
  • 20 litres (5.3 gal) pail of cutting fluid
  • Aluminum dust & chips collector