Aluminum Mitre Saw | MECAL AS 600

Mecal AS 600 Up-cut Miter Saw is designed for straight and miter cutting aluminum profiles. Blade is raised up by means of a hydro-pneumatic cylinder. After the profile is clamped and hood closed, operator holds the two push buttons to raise the the blade up until the cut is completed. As soon as one or both buttons released, blade will descend in its own housing. Table can be rotated towards both sides for mitre angles. Safety hood is operated pneumatically. 

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The Mecal “AS 600” is an up-cut mitre saw ideal for applications such as curtain walls, commercial windows, storefronts, railings as well as industrial aluminum profile cutting. The up-cut saw can cut straight or mitre both on vinyl or aluminum extrusions.

An hydro-pneumatic cylinder ensures the precise raise of the blade. Four pneumatic cylinders (two vertical and two horizontal) hold the extrusion firm in place for the maximum precision of the cut. The “AS 600” features a rotating table capable to cut mitre angles down to 20° in both directions.


To perform the cut, the operator must hold simultaneously two pushbuttons with both hands. As soon as the cut is performed and one button is released, the blade descends below the table level.


Extended in-feed and out-feed covers and two interlock safety switches are part of the standard safety features, also the top hood provides full protection to the operator.


  • LCD screen for a precise adjustment of the intermediate angles
  • cutting fluid reservoir
  • automatic lifting of the protection hood
  • access for the blade compartment from both sides of the saw
  • dust and chips collecting drawer located at the bottom of the saw
  • adjustable feet to level the machine

  • Hydro-pneumatic blade feed
  • Infinetly adjustable saw blade feed speed
  • Two-hand controlled safe operation
  • Manual rotation of the working table, up to 20° both toward right that toward left
  • Quick miter angle adjustment on preset angles: 135°, 90°, 45°
  • Manual positioning at any intermediate angle with pneumatic locking
  • Digital display to indicate miter angle, battery powered (AA)
  • Movable back-fence to increase cutting capacity at 90°
  • Pneumatically operated protection hood

  • Motor: 5kW (7HP), 400V, 60Hz (supplied with a 600-400V transformer)
  • Blade diameter: 600mm (23.6")
  • Blade hub diameter: 50mm (1.96")
  • Operating air pressure: 6-8 Bar (87-116 psi)
  • Air consumption: 16 litres/min (5 gal/min)

  • 1 x Saw blade Ø 600mm (23.6")
  • 2 x Pneumatic vertical clamp
  • 2 x Pneumatic horizontal clamp
  • Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL) blade cooling system
  • Chip collection tray
  • Chips extraction outlet
  • Infeed and outfeed extensions for safety hood to prevent access inside machine during operation

  • Spare Ø 600mm (23.6") saw blade
  • 20 litres (5.3 gal) pail of cutting fluid
  • MKN 300 roller conveyor - 3m (10')
  • Dust & chips collector


Mecal as 600 aluminum upcut miter saw cutting diagram