Aluminum Chip Collector | IVISION IV1

Aluminum chip collector unit iV1 industrial vacuum units are the smallest in the Ivision range and are usually used for small, single-head saws with a low chip production.
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  • High-flow centrifugal fan with a ow rate up to 706 CFM/1200 m3/h
  • Visual filling indicator
  • High-working performance with heavy duty cycle · Structure completely made of steel
  • Anti-scuff wheels with parking brake
  • Polyester filter in M class
  • Container capacity 10 Gal/38 Lt
  • Quick release container
  • Silencer to reduce noise level in accordance with regulation
  • Pneumatic vibrating motor for the filter cleaning

  • Remote start control
  • Kit for collecting chips into PVC bags
  • Cleaning kit for post-work machine cleaning
  • Antistatic kit for eliminating electrostatic charges