3C C.L.O.M.E.A PVC Profile Bending Machine

Any 3C C.L.O.M.E.A profile bending machine can be equipped with heating system for bending PVC profiles. Heat is applied by 3 hot air blowers on the material to be bent. Temperature is constantly measured and controlled with a thermocouple and temperature controller. A process management software is used to adjust the parameters.

Prior to bending process, inside of the profiles are filled with silica sand. PE filler strips are used on the outside of the profiles to prevent deformation on the grooves, channels to avoid collapsing. Profiles are gradually heated and bent with CNC controlled multi pass process.
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  • Much smaller footprint compared to other methods
  • Low working temperatures : below 75 °C
  • Much safer and cleaner process compared to other methods
  • Short profile cooling time : 10-15min
  • Capability to bend very large profiles
  • Same rollers and equipment is used for all profiles
  • Capability to bend PVC, aluminum and steel profiles on the same machine
  • Capability to bend PVC profiles together with steel reinforcement
  • No color or texture deformation
  • Possibility to achieve different shapes without additional processes