PRESSTA-EISELE and Newmar Windows: a corner tight relation

19 October, 2020

When Newmar faced some unexpected challenges with their crimping process, INT Machinery reacted immediately and went the “extra mile” to support them at its best. A Pressta-Eisele “5000” corner crimper was given temporarily to Newmar Windows to keep up with their production needs. Newmar was highly impressed about the attention provided by INT Machinery as well as the flexibility to setup the crimper so that they decided to purchase and keep it. The Pressta-Eisele “5000” corner crimper features patented adjustable split heads to offset two crimping blades and adapt to intricate window profiles without the need of costly special blades. Also the V-block (pusher/V-support) is split in two parts with auto compensation mechanism to create the proper balancing against crimping forces from inside of the frame. INT Machinery is proud to be a good partner of Newmar Windows.

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