MECAL ARIEL 4 Axis CNC Profile Machining Center Lands by Toronto Pearson Airport

09 October, 2020

A brand new Mecal MC304 Ariel-3 MMI CNC Profile Machining Center has been installed near by Toronto Pearson airport this May. Company manufactures curtain walls for institutional and commercial projects. The machine is featuring a gantry bridge, two independent machining zones, 7.4 mt. machining length, Mitsubishi servo drive systems, 7.5 KW (S1) HSD spindle, 12 tools capacity magazine and self motorized clamps. Installation and training has been performed together by INT Machinery field engineer and the factory technical manager.

During the training we’ve been “awarded” by the comments made by some operators and programmers previously experienced on other brands. They were significantly impressed by the simplicity of the interface. One comment over all “it’s amazing how visual are all these, just like a video game! Being able to see the position of the clamps, machining operations on the profile, collision zones, capability to modify the clamp positions dragging them with the mouse… makes my life a lot easier” says one of the operators.

Mecal is located near by Milan, Italy and is a leading manufacturer of Aluminum CNC Profile Machining Centers. Their product line also includes a wide range of Double Miter Saws.

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