ivision factory

About iVision

The high grade of technological innovation of iVision’s vacuums, the continued attention to the health of workers, the design of optimized series for every type of material and every type of work, the possibility of creating ventilation systems that bring polluted air outside of the work environment, is what makes iVision industrial vacuums the best partner for your work, today and always.

Strong with a comprehensive distribution network and a dynamic commercial sector, iVision with its headquarters in Cattolica, Italy, exports its products all over the world and is present in 35 nations. Plan, development, design, all come to life in Italy. A way to think of the product, to live it, the genuine desire to transmit the passion for technological research and stability of a unique and guaranteed industrial suction product through time.

The recipe for success of iVision is simple, made from a mix of hard work, collaboration, total respect for its employees, for the needs of every client, and for the environment in which we live. Led with enthusiasm by a dynamic and engaged Management System, iVision srl, flagship of iVision Evolution srl, research and development sector, and iVision Communication srl, design and marketing sector, is entirely committed to producing a unique, always up-to-date product.