Aluminum Upcut Mitre Saw: Selection Guide

19 October, 2022

Choosing the correct aluminum upcut mitre saw is critical. Since purchasing this type of saw is a significant investment, make sure the product can do what you need. Machines are worthless if they can’t get the job done right the first time.

INT Machinery can guide you through this process to ensure you get the highest quality and value. Continue reading to learn all you need to know about aluminum upcut mitre saws.


Aluminum Upcut Mitre Saw

aluminum upcut mitre saw main 1

The aluminum upcut mitre saw is one of the most popular machines for cutting aluminum extrusions. You can expect the following when dealing with aluminum upcut mitre saws.

  • The saw blade on these machines is mounted under a rotary table.
  • The profile is placed on the table and clamped with vertical and/or horizontal pneumatic clamps.
  • The cutting area often has a manual or pneumatically operated hood.
  • The operator pushes the two-hand buttons to start cutting to raise the saw blade by a hydro-pneumatic actuator. Once the operator makes the cut, he can release the controls, and the saw blade automatically returns under the table.


How to Choose The Right Aluminum Upcut Mitre Saw

When choosing the aluminum upcut saw that suits your specific need, there are several things to consider.

– Capacity

Capacity is the most determining criterion when dealing with aluminum upcut mitre saws.

– What’s the point of buying a saw that cannot cut your profiles?

Cutting diagrams are supplied in the spec sheets of the saws.

  • Check if the saw is capable of cutting the biggest cross-section you have.
  • Consider the mitre angles you are cutting because the greater the mitre angle, the lower the saw’s cutting capacity.
    • For example, an aluminum upcut mitre saw with a 550mm blade can cut a 10”x2” curtain wall mullion at 90°. It can only cut 8”x2” at 45° (long side on the table).
  • Consider the direction of the mitre. If we look at the curtain wall mullion example, we couldn’t cut it if we had to put the short side on the table because if we stood the profile upright, it would be beyond the point the saw blade could reach.
    • For example, you can make a 4”x2” profile at 22.5° cut on an upcut mitre saw if the 2” side is on the table. But it wouldn’t be possible if the 4” side needed to be placed on the table because that would reduce the cutting width due to the steep mitre angle.

In this context, bigger is not always better. Larger saws have:

  • Larger runout.
  • Higher prices.

They are:

  • Harder to handle.
  • Large, so they need ample space.

– Clamps

aluminum up cut mitre saw clamps 1

It is mandatory to use vertical clamps on an upcut mitre saw since the cutting forces try to push the material upwards.

However, it may not be necessary to use horizontal clamps because the saw blade hook angle is towards the back fence where the profile securely rests. Horizontal clamps may be optional on several brand machines.

– Angle

aluminum upcut miter saw angles

The mitre angle capability of the saw is another essential asset.

All aluminum upcut mitre saws can rotate from -45° to 45°. Many of them can turn down to 22.5° both ways.

Your saw must have a:

  • Quick and easy mitre adjustment.
  • Reliable locking mechanism.
  • Variety of angles, including adjustable intermediate angles.

Keep in mind that some people prefer machines with hard, quick adjustments (like location pins) because they are more accurate and need fewer adjustments by a technician.

– Safety

There are several safety considerations regarding sawing machines where serious injuries can occur.

You need to look for a saw with

  • A hood that is not allowing access to the saw blade when closed.
  • Either pneumatic operating hoods or manually operated ones
  • Manual hoods that have an interlocking type safety switch that not only should prevent it to start cutting but also should not allow the opening of the hood when the saw blade is above the table (during the cut).
  • An accessible blade compartment with a locking switch.
  • A pressure sensor for the vertical clamps is crucial.
  • A check valve keeps the clamps pressurized in case of a sudden air pressure loss, such as a bursting hose.
  • Extended side guards attached to the hood to make reaching inside the saw impossible.

– Design

If the aluminum upcut mitre saw is cutting what you need safely, now you can look at the non-deal breaker items.

  • Internal lighting is an excellent feature of having an illuminated cutting area.
  • Changing a blade of an aluminum upcut mitre saw is no fun. You need to kneel, bend, squeeze in a tight space, and remove a sharp saw blade without cutting yourself. A hinged front access door is vital for quick and convenient access for blade change.
  • Look for machines with table surfaces that are flat all over.
  • Be aware of some modified wood saws in the market. Some woodworking machinery manufacturers offer aluminum upcut saws modified from an existing wood saw to get a product quickly in the market. These machines:
    • Have flat bridge clamps that are not suitable for several extrusion shapes.
    • Can’t be used with horizontal clamps.
    • Contain exposed drive belts will burn in a short time due to hot aluminum chips.
    • Can have inconsistent blade feed speed.


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